Why Should I Sign Out of Websites on Public Computers?

We have to sign into many things during the day: email, websites, social networking. But when we’re done using them, why do we have to sign out? Why can’t we just close the browser window and call it at that?

Well, think of the computer you’re using like your home. By leaving yourself signed into websites, it’s like leaving the door to your home wide open for anyone to walk inside. If that person that walked into your home (or onto your profile on a website) is not a very nice person, you run the risk of them impersonating you or worse, going through your data. If you have sensitive information in these accounts, that can lead to access to financial accounts, business ventures, or even personal information! It’s just like you handed the person using the computer after you carte blanche to do with your information what they see fit!

If you’re checking email, logging into social networks, or checking your bank accounts, please make sure you sign out of those websites and close the browser windows when you are done. It’s safer for you!


Do you sign out of websites on public computers, or do you think you don’t have anything worth stealing if someone gets in there?

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