The True Value of the Used Computer

Not everyone needs a new computer. If you are one of those people who needs to be on the bleeding edge of technology all the time, this article is not for you. But if you’re the kind of person who just wants their computer to do what they ask it to do, read on to find out why a new-to-you computer may be better for you in the long run.

Lower Initial Cost

Let’s be honest; used computers cost less than new computers. It’s a simple fact. However, just because a used computer costs less doesn’t mean it won’t perform as well at certain tasks as a new computer. Many things, such as internet browsing, checking email, and word processing, don’t take very many resources to do… and do well. If you were to take a brand new computer that could practically launch a spaceship and hook it up to dial-up internet, it would still only load webpages at dial-up speeds. The speed of the internet is primarily decided by your internet provider, not your computer.

I Don’t Want Someone Else’s Problems!

If you purchase a computer from a friend, you are very likely inheriting whatever problems they may have had with the machine. That’s not true when you purchase a new-to-you machine from a reputable company like Computer Works. We go through all used machines before they even hit the floor for sale. We check things like the RAM and hard drive to make sure that they are working properly. We make sure there are no blown capacitors on the motherboard that can cause issues down the line. Then, we wipe out all traces of the previous owners and reinstall the operating system from scratch. All these steps ensure that you get the best computer for your needs, without having to worry about someone else’s problems.

Great for Kids

Either a used desktop or a used laptop can be one of the best investments a parent can make for their children. Not only will it keep problem children off the parents’ machine, but it will help to teach responsibility by giving them the option to do their homework on their own time, without being too distracted by things on the internet, hopefully. We’re finding that many households are becoming multiple computer households, as different school-age children need the computer all at the same time, leaving no time for the parents to spend time on the computer without sacrificing sleep.

First Time Users

Used machines are great for first-time computer users. With their low cost to get started, their known-to-work software, and Computer Works’ technical support just waiting to answer your questions, you really can’t go wrong with a used machine as a starter computer. This is especially good for those who aren’t sure they want a computer in their home, so the low initial cost means that if you decide it’s not time for a computer, you’re not really out much for just trying it out.

The Second Computer

As we stated earlier, a used computer is great for those households that are just looking for a second computer. Whether it’s because someone is monopolizing the internet or you just want your own machine, a second computer can be a godsend when it comes to keeping the household happy.

Computers are machines, and machines break. The second computer in the household can also keep your family from being stranded without a computer while the primary machine is in the shop. If your family is the kind of family that needs a computer up and running all the time, a second computer can be the difference between a week of headaches and a week of sanity.

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