How Can We Help You?

Nowadays, it almost seems like the ‘service’ has been taken out of the ‘service industry.’ When you call, it’s almost impossible to speak with someone on the phone, and when you do get a real person, they’re outsourced from a foreign call center. When you stop by, you’re treated like just another number, looked down on as nothing more than an annoyance.

Computer Works would like to put the ‘customer service’ back into the equation. Read on to find out how.

Hey, I Know You!

The last time you went to the store, did you see the same faces behind the counter that you did the last time you were there? Probably not, but at Computer Works, the answer is probably yes! We make sure that we hire knowledgeable, friendly employees that come back, day after day, to serve your computer needs. With this low turnover rate, we know that you’ll develop the kind of personal relationship with our staff that you can trust will treat you like family.

Vis a Vis

When you have questions, you want answers. And when you’re getting computer work done, you want personal, one-on-one attention that shows that the company cares about your computer as much as you do. Every time you walk in the door, your computer will receive the personal attention we give our own machines from the moment you drop it off until you pick it up.

Don’t Toss It – Fix It!

When something happens to your car, do you go out and buy a new one instead of repairing it? Of course not! Why would you do the same thing with your computer? Many computer repairs are not nearly as expensive as many other repair shops would have you believe. At Computer Works, we take a ‘repair first, replace last’ approach, knowing how much of a hassle it can be to get a new computer running the way you want it to.

Over 30 Years Combined Technical Knowledge

When someone is working on your computer, do you want them to be fresh out of school, or do you want them to have been in the business for a while? Obviously, you’d want the person working on your computer to have been working on computers for a long time. That’s how it is when you take your computer to Computer Works. Our technicians have been in the business for over 30 years between them, and there are very few problems they have not come across answers to.

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